While the frame and beams are being repaired, and tuning of the two removed bells is taking place, the bell chamber is looking a bit empty. Therefore, it’s an ideal opportunity to clear up the debris that’s been created by recent works, treat and prime the newly exposed metalwork, and prepare for a top coat of paint. Here’s the rather empty looking bell chamber

Empty Bell Chamber

Also, here is a closer view of the rust and corrosion that we’ve been faced with. This is the beam between underneath the fractured frame side that supported the current tenor. The loose surface rust has been removed, and the surface stabilised ready for priming, but the erosion is very noticeable.

Corrosion on beam

This is a bolt which held the frame side to the above beam. The frame side sits on ‘feet’ on top of the beam, so there is a gap between beam and frame side where the bolts hold everything together. Weather is, of course, able to get into the gap – the bolt clearly shows the difference between exposed and non-exposed metal work.


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