Ring for the King

Ring for the King

We’re Recruiting

Would you like to be a part of the King’s coronation celebrations in May? Want to meet new people and learn a rewarding new skill?

At Ab Kettleby, we’re actively looking to train new church bell ringers who can join the team, not only to Ring for the King’s coronation this year, but to develop a lifelong hobby combining gentle exercise, mental challenges and team work, along with musical and architectural appreciation. It’s a great way to become involved in the local community. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s a hobby you can take just about anywhere, and you can be sure of a warm welcome at every tower you visit.

No previous experience required! You don’t need to be physically strong to ring church bells. There is no upper or lower age limit – you just need to be able to reach the ropes. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the learning process, starting with one-to-one sessions on a single bell, before joining with others where you will ring as part of the band. 

Interested? We’d love to welcome you to a practice night so you can see what it’s all about. We practice every Wednesday between 19:30 and 20:45 – St James’ Church, Church Lane, Ab Kettleby. Or drop us a line to find out more!

The Tenor in 2014

As mentioned previously, one of the ringers from our recent peal, was involved with the removal of our tenor bell from its former home in Gorran, Cornwall. We have now received two pictures from December 2014 showing the bell in situ as number 5 in Gorran’s tower (minus wheel, stay and clapper), and after being lowered to the ground.

Church Bell in Wooden Frame

Gorran’s #5 bell is in the foreground, prior to removal from the tower.

Church Bells

Bell Number 2 (left) and 5 (right) after removal from Gorran’s tower. Number 5 would become Ab Kettleby’s Tenor.


A visiting team succesfully rang the second ever peal on our bells, and the first peal of minor; the bells sounded wonderful! It just so happens that the tenor ringer today was responsible for the removal of that bell from its former home in Gorran – we have been promised some pictures of the start of it’s journey from Cornwall to Leicestershire!

Details of the peal from Bellboard

Trent Valley Association
St James
Sunday, 25 September 2022 in 2h 51 (8–2–22 in G)
5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
3 x 720, 4 x 1440
  1. Ian Butters
  2. Emily J Crowder
  3. Christopher J Venn
  4. Andrew B Mills
  5. Christopher M Bennett
  6. Roy LeMarechal (C)
First peal of Minor on the bells.

The First Peal

We got it! Six and half years after the completion of the augmentation to six bells, 5 years and 51 weeks since the first Quarter Peal, today saw the very first full peal rung in Ab Kettleby!

Starting just after 9am, the team of six ringers rang for 2 hours 47 minutes. The performance consisted of various doubles methods, and saw a number of “firsts”.  Details from Bellboard

Leicester Diocesan Guild
St James
Saturday, 4 June 2022 in 2h 47 (8–2–22 in G)
5040 Mixed Doubles (7m)
Grandsire, Reverse Canterbury, Winchendon Place Bob, St Nicholas, Plain Bob, St Martin’s, St Simon’s
  1. James T Lowe
  2. Sarah Pawley
  3. Trevor H Kirkman
  4. Peter Brown
  5. John Adcock (C)
  6. Joseph Adcock
First peal on the bells.
For the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
Also in celebration of the life of Hazel Adcock, in whose name the treble bell was donated.
First peal 1 and 6
First inside 4


First Peal Team

First Peal Team. (L-R) John Adcock, James T Lowe, Sarah Pawley, Trevor H Kirkman, Peter Brown, Joe Adcock

Quarter Peal

Ahead of our first peal attempt on June 4th, it was felt a wise idea to have a bit of a practice given recent ringing restrictions. What better way to test everything out than with a Quarter Peal?
Details are on Bellboard

Leicester Diocesan Guild
Ab Kettleby, Leicestershire
St James
Thursday, 12 May 2022 in 45m (8–2–22 in G)
1260 Mixed Doubles
Plain Bob, Reverse Canterbury, St Simons, St Martins, Winchendon Place Bob, Grandsire
  1. James T Lowe
  2. Jackie Parlby
  3. Hamish Forbes
  4. Dave Bloor
  5. John Adcock (C)
  6. Paul Girdham


As COVID-19 restrictions eased in 2021, we attempted to resume our practice sessions towards the end of the year, but suspended ringing again in December due to the rising infection rates, plus the need to provide ventilation in an unheated church on bitterly cold nights meant it wasn’t a very comfortable experience.

However, we resumed our practice sessions shortly before Easter, and everyone is gradually remembering all the things that have been forgotten with a two year break!

With some normality returning to daily life, we are starting to receive requests to ring bells from visiting bands. The Ringing Calendar has been updated with the latest details, including two peal attempts. Saturday 4th June 2022 sees a band associated with our augmentation attempt to ring the very first peal at Ab Kettleby for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend.

Ringing Suspended

Following government advice relating to the COVID19 virus, and in common with many other towers, all ringing activity at Ab Kettleby is suspended for the foreseeable future. This will be kept under review as the situation changes.

Quarter Peal

A visiting band of ringers from Nottingham rang a quarter peal on our bells.
Details are on Bellboard

Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild
Ab Kettleby, Leicestershire
St James
Wednesday, 19 June 2019 in 47m (8–2–22 in G)
1296 Beverley Surprise Minor
  1. Derek Butterworth
  2. Peter England
  3. Lynda Lazzerini
  4. David Lazzerini
  5. Colin Lord
  6. Martyn Marriott (C)

Ringing Remembers

The ringers of St James, Ab Kettleby will be taking part in the Armistice Centenary with half-muffled ringing. This will be the first time our six bells will have been rung with half-muffles, as we will be unveiling our brand new set of bell muffles, tailor made for our bells.

The first ringing will be from around 10:30 prior to an Act of Remembrance service which will start at 10:45. The ringers will return at 12:30 to ring as the nation remembers, and coinciding with 10,000 members of the public who will form a procession past the Cenotaph in central London, to pay tribute to those that served during the First World War.

Wedding Celebrations with Six Bells

History was made in Ab Kettleby this afternoon, when six bells rang out in celebration of Iva and Ben’s wedding.

It’s the first time our peal of six bells have performed the task – our last wedding was in November 2014, prior to augmentation, with just the original three.

Today’s band comprised entirely of ringers from Ab Kettleby, who (apart from the tower captain) have all been taught to ring in the last 3 years.

Just before 1pm, the first few notes of the Wedding March sounded, the adrenaline and excitement rose… “Look To… Treble’s Going… Treble’s Gone!” and we were off! The rounds were excellent from the start (we had been practising!!) and it sounded amazing alongside the organ in the church.

Congratulations Iva and Ben – we all wish you a lifetime of happiness together, and we’re very proud to have been able to help you celebrate today.