Bell Tuning and Augmentation Progress

It has been a couple of months since the last update on the progress of the augmentation project. Slowly but surely progress is being made. Several volunteers have spent many hours in the bell chamber preparing and painting the frame - we've just got to put a final top coat on.

Meanwhile, at the foundry, our three additional bells underwent tuning in the foundry a couple of weeks ago.

Here's the new treble on the tuning lathe.



Treble Tuning

New number 2 after tuning

Number 2

And the new/old tenor upturned and ready to be tuned.


It is expected that these bells will be ready for installation by the end of June. The extra steel work for the frame and 'observation platform' has also now been completed and is ready to be shipped out to us for installation.

As part of the augmentation work, our existing three bells are going to be removed from the tower, as there needs to be a little bit of work carried out on them and the existing frame before we can get the new bells in place.

Photographs taken at the John Taylor Bell Foundry, Loughborough, courtesy of Nicholas Parr 

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