Leicester Diocesan Guild Quarterly Social

On Saturday evening (17th January), Ab Kettleby played joint host to the Leicester Diocesan Guild’s Quarterly Social event, with Long Clawson. (It was Melton District’s turn to host!) A contingent of 5 ringers from Ab Kettleby went over to neighbouring Long Clawson at 6pm and met with 30-40 ringers from all around the county. After an hour’s ringing of everything from rounds and call-changes to Yorkshire Surprise and Cambridge at Clawson, everyone made their way to Ab Kettleby to take advantage of a last opportunity ring our 3-bells as a 3! Cue methods such as Plain-Hunt Singles and Stedman Singles..!

By 8pm we had all made our way to the Sugar Loaf for a welcome drink and splendid buffet. Various donations of chocolate, wine and beer had been given as raffle prizes; cue frantic selling of raffle tickets to both bell-ringers and local villagers! We managed to raise £145 for the augmentation fund – and caused a bit of confusion in the process by using three books of raffle tickets, coloured Dark Green, Light Green and White!!

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