Another New Stay

Over the last couple of weeks, it has been noticed that the treble bell has become increasingly deeply set. Examination of the stay show that it had fractured and had become rather crooked. However it was still clinging on as long as we were very gentle with the bell and avoided giving the stay a bash!

But the time came last night to remove the stay and organise a replacement. The stay removal from the treble was much easier than the last one removed from number 2. As this stay had not been completely broken, there was no spreading of the wood inside the headstock.

Examination of the wood showed some early signs of rot; testament to the age of the wood, along with the frequent wet/dry cycle that the bell chamber has endured before/during the church restoration. (For more details of the spire leak, see the Bells page.) These little issues are bound to happen with such an old installation which hasn’t been used for many years. Now we’re actively ringing the bells again, we’re forced to work through the problems as they present themselves.

First thing this morning Taylors of Loughborough, made a new stay and it was in place and fitted by 10:30am! One of the many advantages of having a bell founder just down the road!

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