SallyWe’re very pleased to announce that donations for our Bell Augmentation Fund can finally be accepted online!

It’s been a bit of a struggle to work out the best way to achieve this, as the St James’ Ab Kettleby PCC is exempt from registering as a charity. Furthermore, the PCC does not have its own HMRC Gift-aid reference – all Gift-aid is claimed on behalf of the PCC by a third party. This virtually rules out conventional charitable giving websites, such as Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving. (Not to mention their rather steep fees and charges!)

Just when it looked like it might not be possible, came to the rescue with their Give.Net service. Stewardship themselves are a Christian based charity, and have been set up to specifically help churches with matters of a financial nature. That puts them in the right position to help small churches and PCCs with their knowledge and experience of how to start receiving donations on-line and claim the very valuable Gift-aid accordingly. Plus, because they are a charity, they don’t charge exorbitant fees which would very quickly erode the value of a donation.

To reward our hard-work in getting this off the ground, why not make a donation now and help us get the three new bells up into the tower?

To donate, just click on this button which you’ll find throughout the site:

Support us at

Thank you very much!

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