Wheel Maintenance

This evening’s practice involved our two most advanced ‘learners’ getting to grips with call changes! Amazing effort – just two months ago, they didn’t know a tail-end from a sally! Bells at Ab Kettleby

However, we had to finish practice night a bit earlier than normal, as work is required on our number 2 bell’s wheel. Some of the shrouding was already missing when we started to ring back in June, but the ‘broken stay’ incident caused it to shed a bit more. Advice was given that the wheel ought to be looked at sooner, rather than later.

After practice tonight, we managed to remove the wheel and lower it out of the tower. Removing nuts and bolts that haven’t been touched for 64 years is not the easiest thing to do!

It is a great thing that we are so close to a bell foundry – the wheel should be back by next week!

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