Learners Ringing in Rounds

On Wednesday 4th June, we started regular bell-ringing practice nights for the first time since the restoration of the church. Six new recruits came along, all eager to learn to ring.

In the four weeks since then, three of the original six are now able ring a bell pretty much unaided. Since we began, two of our three bells have been tied to muffle the sound from our neighbours. But last night, we we took the opportunity to take the ties and muffles off and attempt to ring some rounds!

Each learner took it in turns on their chosen bell, with two other ringers taking the other two ropes, and off we went! A significant milestone in the progress of the three ringers was achieved, and we’re all very proud of them!

It’s still going to need a bit more practice, but hopefully we will be able to ring for Sunday services in the very near future.

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